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Lindsey's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Lindsey's LiveJournal:

Monday, September 30th, 2002
8:26 pm
toe cheese
I'm not sure what came over me this weekend...it was rush, the week that every college girl at this school looks forward to. Anyway, I wasn't planning on participating until I found out my sister had signed me up, gtten my recs, etc. I was in. Rush here is a very complicated thing...but basically its a bunch of girls trying to impress one another. Anyway, I followed my schedule of parties and dinners, meeting hundreds of girls I had no desire to be friends with. The weather was terrible the first night, so I decided to strike up a conversation about it with one sorority girl who was a member of Delta Gamma (also known here as dick grabbers). When I told her how bad I thought the weather was, she replied with, "yeah I know. Oh my god its like tornadoing outside." Is tornadoing a word? That's what I thought. It was at that moment I realized this sorority stuff really wasn't me...but I continued on with it just in case I changed my mind. Surprisingly, I made it to the second round...and the third...and the fourth....wow. I'm embarrassed for myself. I recieved the call today saying I will not be receiving a bid from pi phi(the only one I liked) because they decided they didn't really want me in their sorority after all. I've never been so happy in all my life. But thinking back, I guess rush wasn't so bad...I got to eat LOTS of free food, wear my new vintage dress, and laugh at eveyrone else for being retarded. Who needs a sorority when you're as cool as me? Another funny note: there's a suicide watch this week for the girls here...supposedly every year someone tries as a result of not getting into a sorority. LAst year some girl threw herself down the stairs...2 years ago someone tried to jump off the roof...and I thought I had problems. Just wanted to let everyone know about my little experience. Oh, and if anyone reading this is in a sorority, I have nothing against you at all. They're just not for me. Why am I so horny? I can't take this anymore. Random thought. Well I'm off to bed...8:00 class SUCKS.
Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
3:31 pm
anthropology class
Name of disease: Koro
Culture: Southeast Asia (particularly Malay Archipelago)
Description: A fear or anxiety in which the person fears that his penis will withdraw into his abdomen and he will die. This reaction may appear after sexual overindulgence or excessive masturbation. The anxiety is typically very intense and of sudden onset. The condistion is "treated" by having the penis held firmly by the patient or by family ot friends. Often the penis is clamped to a wooden box.

Learning is fun

Current Mood: naughty
Monday, September 9th, 2002
2:37 pm
I can't take this discrimination any more. They're having a blood drive in the union today so I thought I'd be a good citizen and donate. I've never met the requirements...I've tried to give blood sooo many times in the past. I was hoping to trick them into thinking I was able to do it, but they looked at me and said I was too small. I'm pissed. If I don't mind feeling dizzy and passing out then they should take my blood. I just don't get it. I refused to leave the room so they pulled out these papers on the risks of giving blood and read them to me. Supposedly its really bad for your heart if you don't meet the requirements or something like that. But why can't they just take half the amount? I wanna give blood!!! And plus you get a free cookie! Oh well its their loss...I have the best blood in the world.
Sunday, September 8th, 2002
11:16 am
hey..this is lindsey. Just wanted to let everyone know I joined and I'm happy to be here.
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